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Best Young Audience Activities 2023

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  • Passage Kinos, Leipzig, Germany

    Discover the portrait of Passage Kinos, Leipzig, Germany

    Kristin Klemann
    Arthouse profiles

    As the reopening of cinemas is getting closer every day in Germany, Kristin Klemann, art historian and member of the Passage Kinos’ staff in Leipzig (member of Europa Cinemas since 2002) discusses here the reopening strategy of her cinema through the initiatives that have marked the past year and the ones that will accompany the reopening.

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  • Forum, Groningen, The Netherlands

    Discover the portrait of Forum, Groningen, The Netherlands

    Dirk Nijdam
    Arthouse profiles

    In the heart of the lively city of Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands, you'll find Forum Groningen, a spectacular new building that houses different activities and great ambitions. Designed by NL Architects in Amsterdam, the ten floor, 17,000m2 building is open seven days a week from early morning until late evening.

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  • Dúplex, Ferrol, Spain

    Discover the portrait of Dúplex, Ferrol, Spain

    Europa Cinemas Awards
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    ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2020 - The Dúplex Cinema in Ferrol was founded in 1996 by the Álvarez Rodríguez family in a working-class neighbourhood. The city had a population of around 83,000, considerably more than the 68,000 remaining in 2019, reflecting a steady population decline resulting from the dismantling of the naval sector since the 1990s.

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