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Europa Cinemas Charters


The Europa Cinemas’ network believes all businesses and organisations have a responsibility to help tackle the threat of climate change and to work for a cleaner environment in the interests of health, community and diversity.

It supports the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which promises citizen’s a high level of protection and improvements in the quality of the environment “in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.”

In this Charter, the Europa Cinemas’ network spells out core principles to guide its activities and commits to practical support for the development of programmes and activities.

While the contribution of film exhibition is limited in the overall context of global environmental action, cinemas have an important role in communities, with audiences and within the film industry. It believes that practical development of sustainable green activity can bring positive social, cultural and economic benefits to all.

Cinemas are in a unique position: as cultural influencers and curators; as social spaces at the heart of communities; as the audience-facing part of a global film industry; and as businesses and employers. The support for a sustainable environment for all complements other Europa Cinemas network commitments to diversity, inclusion and respect in every aspect of its work.

This Charter aims to help guide the network in creating effective and measurable action in each of those roles. It is intended to encourage participation and progress among all members across Europe encouraging collaboration and innovation and providing practical pathways to ensure its shared mission achieves measurable results in the context of national and regional economic, social and environmental development, national policy and local market realities.



The Europa Cinemas’ network is committed to:

1.            Reduction of waste and to reuse and recycle materials.

2.            Sustainable growth and reducing the network’s carbon footprint.

3.            Consideration of environmental impact in decision-making processes.

4.            Sharing knowledge and practical advice to all network members.

5.            Encouraging understanding of environmental issues through programming and curation.

6.            Setting transparent goals for activity and ensuring that audiences can share in and trust its actions and aspiration.

Europa Cinemas will turn those principles into action across the full diversity of the network and is committed to:

•             Create transparent and achievable pathways and targets for all members within their own countries and regions.

•             Creating and promoting transparent measurements to assess impact.

•             Disseminating best practice and practical ideas throughout the network.

•             Sharing data and knowledge on environmental impact and effective action.

•             Encouraging collaboration and collaborative innovation between cinemas across borders.

•             Offering a positive influence in the broader film value chain.

•             Developing incentives to encourage green activity.

•             Creating and sharing programmes and labels to support green films.

•             Encouraging audiences to share and build on green goals.

•             Creation of business, government community and technical partnerships.

•             Active engagement and partnership with industrial and European green initiatives.


Europa Cinemas Network ACTIONS

This charter offers Pathways to action on sustainability by helping encourage activity, develop practical knowledge, skills and tools, and to advise on developing activities and plans.



The Europa Cinemas’ network believes the future of film and cinema depends on its cultural and social engagement with the full diversity of society.

Its aspirations need to be understood in the context of social, cultural and economic fragmentation and disruptive changes in technology and audience habits. European film is also trying to address historic failures in gender balance in key creative roles, alongside longstanding challenges in attracting young audiences and crossing barriers of social class.

Film and cinema are subject to the same social, political, economic, technological and cultural forces that affect European society across Europe and equality, diversity and inclusivity are issues for all businesses and organisations.

But Europa Cinemas believes that cinemas are in a unique position: as cultural influencers and curators; as social spaces at the heart of communities; as the audience-facing part of a global film industry; and as businesses and employers.

The network can make an important contribution to a more balanced, diverse and inclusive Europe and will look for sustainable ways to create and promote equality, inclusion and respect in all its activities every day. It believes diversity and inclusion offers positive economic, social and cultural benefits.

This charter is a commitment to action, promoting best practice across the whole network, recognising the diverse challenges facing cinemas in different countries and communities.



Europa Cinemas network is committed to:

•             Using the unique place of cinemas in communities across Europe to promote diversity, inclusivity, respect, equality.

•             Creating and sharing measurable and effective business practices across all countries, recognizing different local challenges.

•             Encouraging the broad and inclusive participation of cinema audiences in European cultural diversity.

•             Leading research, creating innovation and sharing best practice.

•             Creating safe spaces: welcoming, respectful, inclusive and social.

•             Encouraging audiences of all ages and social backgrounds to engage with film and European culture, with a particular focus on passing on a diverse cinema legacy to younger people. Encouraging production and distribution of diverse and inclusive film, with particular emphasis on gender balance, through screening and curation of appropriate works.

•             Building fair and balanced representation and participation from cinemas in all European countries.

•             Promoting cross-border cooperation and sharing of ideas, practices and processes.

•             Supporting international films and language diversity



Europa Cinemas is committed to turning those principles into action across the full diversity of the network. It is committed to:

•             Cross-border cooperation on best practice, recognizing national and regional differences.

•             Curation and programming films that further the mission of this Charter

•             Encouraging audience engagement with European film and cinemas across all age groups, with a special focus on young audiences.

•             Helping create and encourage welcoming shared social spaces, sharing best practice.

•             Transparently measuring progress of actions and activities

•             Creating and upholding rules on gender balance and inclusivity in Europa Cinemas’ activities.

•             Developing incentives to encourage activities and actions in support of this Charter.

•             Sharing best practice in developing diverse and inclusive teams and businesses.

•             Education initiatives and communication with diverse audiences


Europa Cinemas ACTIONS