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Europa Cinemas Network Conference gathers once every two years in November over 500 professionnals (network exhibitors, distributors, sales agents and representatives from cultural and political institutions) coming from more than 30 countries to discuss about film circulation and audience development in film theatres . 

The conference aims to be an opportunity to discuss and debate the bigger picture for cinema, in the context of a changing world. It also offers opportunities to share fresh thinking and practical ideas, emerging within the network and beyond.

The aim is for a dynamic, participatory conference, where delegates will leave with a common sense of purpose and direction, in order to turn that momentum into practical action.


Edition 2024

The 23rd Conference of the Europa Cinemas Network will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Vilnius (Lithuania) from Thursday, November 28 to Sunday, December 1st, 2024, providing a renewed opportunity to gather with fellow network exhibitors, exchange best practices and innovative ideas, celebrate and strengthen Europa Cinemas network which has now reached 3121 screens in 783 cities and 39 countries.

It is the first time that our Europa Cinemas Network Conference is organized in the Baltic countries, which is an excellent opportunity to highlight outstanding and dynamic network members of the Baltics. The Vilnius Conference will bring together once more a network of professionals from over 30 countries to discuss practical ideas and innovations, offering dynamic, interactive discussions and concrete actions to be implemented in the short and medium terms. On this occasion, Europa Cinemas will award the annual prize for Best Programming, Young Audience and the Entrepreneur of the Year, and present several European premieres.

Online registrations to the Conference will open in June and an overview of the program will be available in autumn.

Join us in Vilnius!


Edition 2022

The 22nd Europa Cinemas Network Conference in Paris was the biggest in its history, with 600 delegates from 52 countries.

The Conference celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of Europa Cinemas and a Network that now covers 739 towns and cities in 42 countries and 3,059 screens. The event included around 80 case studies and presentations by cinemas across Europe, highlighting positive trends.

The event saw the launch of two Charters, setting out the Network’s position and principles on Gender Balance and Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability. It also included the launch of a Roadmap to turn the Charters into sustainable action.

The Conference included presentations of results and findings from the first COLLABORATE TO INNOVATE projects, and the launch of a third edition of the €1,5 million scheme, backed by Creative Europe MEDIA Programme.

The Conference recognised that European cinemas needed to fight in an extremely challenging environment but the tone was positive and optimistic.

The Conference screened 16 films and gave the Best Programming Award to Kino Pilotu (Prague, Czech Republic) and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Lumière Cinemas (Antwerp, Mechelen, Brugge, Belgium).

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Edition 2019

The 21st Europa Cinemas Network Conference took place in Lisbon from 21 to 24 November 2019. Opening with an overview and the development perspectives of European film circulation in Portugal with around 40 local participants, the official Conference was inaugurated by Harald Trettenbrein (Head of Unit, European Commission EACEA) and Nuno Artur Silva (Secretary of State for Cinema, Audiovisual and Media, Ministry of Culture, Portugal) to welcome around 600 delegates all over Europe and the world. This year’s Conference was focusing on “the empowering cinema-going culture in a hyper-connected world” and has conveyed the breadth and depth of engagement across the Network.

Over three days, the delegates shared true success stories of their cinemas through panels and workshops. The Conference concluded with determination: the arthouse sector is prepared to welcome the changing environment, and should not only adapt, but shape the future.

As in 2013, Europa Cinemas was also presenting 15 European films in two Network cinemas in Lisbon (Cinema Ideal and Cinema City Alvalade).

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Programme (Films & Debates) (Pdf)

Press Release (Pdf)

Conference proceedings (Pdf)


Edition 2017 

The 20th Europa Cinemas Network Conference took place in Bucharest from 24 to 26 November 2017. The Conference agreed that the cinema experience remains essential to the business and culture of European film despite a decade of disruptive change. That position has arguably even strengthened. The participants agreed that however successful network cinemas were in creating a better environment, the on-going appeal and quality of films were the most important ingredient for a successful business. This Conference focused on the next stage of evolution for cinemas and for the cinema experience – a detailed look at the core social, cultural and economic foundations for future growth, in terms of innovation but also at how to build on the underlying and unchanging realities for the theatrical sector and the broader film ecosystem.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, the 20th Network Conference, inaugurated by Lucia Recalde (Head of Unit Creative Europe / MEDIA, European Commission) and Cristian Mungiu (Director, Exhibitor & Distributor, Romania), concluded three days of debates and workshops successfully in an atmosphere of solidarity among the more than 500 delegates and a determination to continue the remarkable rise in investment across the sector and to search for further innovation.

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Edition 2015 

Nearly 500 delegates from Europe and beyond attended the 19th Europa Cinemas Conference held in Prague from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November 2015. Participating speakers included Lucia Recalde Langarica (Head of the MEDIA Unit, European Commission), directors Cristian Mungiu, Bohdan Slama and Laurent Cantet; Mirsad Purivatra (Director of Sarajevo Film Festival), Christian Bräuer (CEO Yorck Kino Gruppe, Germany), Ivo Andrle (Distributor/Exhibitor, Kino Aero, Czech Republic), Nina Pece (Exhibitor, Kinodvor, Slovenia), Clare Binns (Director of Programming and Acquisitions, Picturehouse Cinemas UK), Susan Wendt (Head of Sales, Trustnordisk, Denmark), Brian Newman (Sub-Genre, USA) and Russell Collins (Michigan Theatres and Founder and Head of Arthouse Convergence USA).

The conference debated the role of the cinema in a changing environment and showcased dynamic methods of communication to build new audiences and renew existing relationships with the public. The idea of the cinema as a key audience facing brand for films across platforms and the development of cinema going as a brand in itself was explored – a unique place to see film, a commitment to quality content, a trusted curatorial voice, and a place to encourage a sense of local community, both on and offline. The consensus was that there is no demand for the diversity of films if the demand is not there. With the right investment in place, cinemas can play a key role in driving audience development for diverse films but also clearly go beyond just being a platform for creating demand. Other questions raised in the conference included whether cinemas could be more accessible and open to audience participation in developing audiences. Several innovative approaches were presented from dynamic membership schemes to crowd-funding campaigns to help achieve this. Potential relationships for cinema with new platforms were assessed, and cinemas that have practical experiences of online platforms shared these as opportunities to extend their offer rather than as challenges.

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