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The “Training Boot Camps” scheme has been launched by Europa Cinemas with the support of Creative Europe/MEDIA. It aims at supporting and developing skills locally and regionally through self-reliant training activities.

Each Boot Camp will be created by, and for, network members. The Boot Camps will be based on locally-relevant needs and organised with the financial support and help of Europa Cinemas (see Guidelines here below for more details).



The aim is to:

  • Train cinema professionals in skills, practices and processes where there is a specific local or regional need.
  • Bring all venues in a region up to a common proficiency standard in identified areas, e.g. business, innovation, audience development, marketing, communication, technology skills...
  • Upskill exhibitors through shared knowledge on innovative business models.
  • Share skills, practices and processes that enhance environmental sustainability, and promote the objectives set out in the network’s Green Charter (available on the website).
  • Share skills, practices and processes that enhance diversity and inclusion, and promote the objectives set out in the network’s Charter on Gender Balance and Inclusion (available on the website).



A Boot Camp can be a training, a workshop or another relevant skills development initiative organised locally for network members. The person who applies, a network member, will be named coordinator of the project and will be in charge of executing the Boot Camps.

All schemes must have a minimum of eight participants from at least three individual members of the network. Members with more than one cinema can only count as one participant in terms of the minimum number rule. Non-Europa Cinemas exhibitors can take part, providing the minimum number of network members required is respected.


A Boot Camp can revolve around the following themes:

  • Technical skills for key staff (such as projectionists, marketers, management, etc).
  • Social media and communications.
  • Young audience development.
  • Loyalty programmes and audience development.
  • Business and customer relationship management.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Improved management and team building.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Audience data collection, analysis and use.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Events and festivals.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive; projects covering additional areas of training are welcome, provided they respond to a recognised specific need.



Have an idea? Familiarise yourself with the Guidelines, name a coordinator, draft your Boot Camp concept, set your organizing team, find your Boot Camp participants - and apply!

Find the video presentation of the guidelines here

The Guidelines:

The guidelines for the scheme were designed with the active support of network members.

Boot Camps Guidelines EN
Lignes directrices Boot Camps FR
Boot Camps Richtlinien DE
Linee guida Boot Camps IT
Linea directrices Boot Camps ES



Necessary documents to submit an application:

Support for the Boot Camps is based on applications to an open call (see Guidelines for timeline) within the limits of the available budget.

For any additional information or guidance, please contact Miila Norros: mnorros@europa-cinemas.org