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Le Jeune Karl Marx

Director : Raoul Peck
Production year : 2016
Nationality : France
Le Jeune Karl Marx

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Raoul Peck (director of the remarkable, award-winning, Lumumba in 2002, and the extraordinary Oscar nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro in 2017) revisits another myth - a major figure from the 19th century, Karl Marx. He places his new drama at the moment when a 25-year-old Marx and his friend Engels decided to revolutionise the philosophy and economic science of their time. The determination of a young man impassioned by life and people comes across in every image. With a turning camera and just the right distance every time, Raoul Peck brings alive the human side of Europe between 1843 and 1847; in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and when the Communist Party Manifesto, written by Marx and Engels, came into being. The Young Karl Marx is one of those rare films that speaks to us intimately about the world and the most fitting way to film it. The viewer becomes completely at one with the people and their actions, forgetting the camera opening onto on a set worthy of an epic such as The Leopard by Luchino Visconti. To live this experience you must see this film. You will return to the modern world feeling equally intense, politically and socially.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Hungary 2018/10/04 Az ifjú Karl Marx
Sweden 2018/05/23 The Young Karl Marx
Ireland 2018/05/04 The Young Karl Marx
Italy 2018/04/05 Il giovane Karl Marx
Poland 2018/03/28 Młody Karol Marx
Spain 2018/01/19 El joven Karl Marx
Greece 2017/11/09 Όταν ο Μαρξ Συνάντησε τον Ένγκελς
Denmark 2017/11/09 Den unge Karl Marx
Slovenia 2017/10/25 Mladi Karl Marx
Belgium 2017/10/04 Le Jeune Karl Marx
France 2017/09/27 Le Jeune Karl Marx
Turkey 2017/05/19 Genc Karl Marx
Austria 2017/03/24 Der junge Karl Marx
Germany 2017/03/02 Der junge Karl Marx
Croatia 2017/01/01 Mladi Karl Marx

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