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Réparer les vivants

Director : Katell Quillévéré
Production year : 2015
Nationality : France
Réparer les vivants

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Katell Quillévéré’s third feature film HEAL THE LIVING is a vibrant story that I still carry with me since watching it at its world premiere. In a beautiful and striking way Quillévéré not only manages to tackle the film’s difficult themes of life, ethics, moral and the complexity of organ transplantations in a very sprawling, and yet complex narrative with the films main (fantastic) cast. Based on the book with the same title by Maylis de Kerangal the film circulates on the most essential human organ: the heart, which first belongs to the young surfer Simon of 19 before its emotional journey to the body of the dying mother Claire. In-between this journey we move between Simon’s grieving parents, the medical team and Claire's family. All this constructed cleverly by dreamy scenes, great editing that all bring these characters toward us closer and leave us ponder on concepts of life, love and death much longer than the film’s 104 minutes.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Germany 2017/12/07 Die Lebenden reparieren
Austria 2017/12/07 Die Lebenden reparieren
Slovak Republic 2017/11/30 Život za život
Latvia 2017/11/16 Glabjot dzivos
Romania 2017/11/10 Reparandu-i pe cei vii
Estonia 2017/10/27 Elavaid lappides
Lithuania 2017/08/11 Dovanoju sirdi
Spain 2017/08/04 Reparar a los vivos
Czech Republic 2017/07/20 Život za život
Finland 2017/07/14 Niin kauan kun sydän lyö
Norway 2017/07/07 Liv til de levende
Sweden 2017/06/30 Så länge hjärtat kan slå
Poland 2017/06/23 Podarować życie
Denmark 2017/06/22 Hjertets vej
Greece 2017/05/04 Δυο Καρδιές
United Kingdom 2017/04/28 Heal the Living
Hungary 2017/04/20 Szívvel-lélekkel
Italy 2017/01/26 Riparare i viventi
Croatia 2017/01/01 Vrati život živima
Belgium 2016/11/09 Réparer les vivants
France 2016/11/01 Réparer les vivants

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7 Number of countries

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