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Director : Andrzej Jakimowski
Production year : 2007
Nationality : Poland

Six year old Stefek challenges fate. He believes that the chain of events he sets in motion will help him get closer to the father who abandoned his mother. His sister Elka, 17, helps him learn how to “bribe” fate with small sacrifices. Tricks and coincidences eventually bring the father to the mother’s doorstep but things go wrong. Desperate, Stefek tries his luck with the riskiest of tricks.

Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Greece 2010/04/29 Athoa kopla
United Kingdom 2009/09/04 Tricks
Germany 2009/07/23 Kleine Tricks
Switzerland 2009/07/16 Tricks
Spain 2009/04/24 Un cuento de verano
Czech Republic 2008/11/13 Figle
Belgium 2008/10/29 Tricks
France 2008/10/22 Un conte d'été polonais
Netherlands 2008/04/17 Tricks
Hungary 2008/04/03 Cselek
Poland 2007/10/26 Sztuczki

Circulation of the film in the network until 2022

275 Number of cinemas
31 Number of countries

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