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Nuit Obscure – Au Revoir Ici, N'importe Où

Director : Sylvain George
Production year : 2023
Nationality : France
Other country (ies) : Switzerland
Nuit Obscure – Au Revoir Ici, N'importe Où

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The latest documentary by Sylvain George, OBSCURE NIGHT - GOODBYE HERE, ANYWHERE, shows us a world that is as beautiful as it is ugly. We follow a group of underaged refugees lead by the young Malik in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco that is the border between the African continent and Europe. We see them playing a dangerous shadow game, living on the streets and trying to cross the border in every way that seems (im)possible. But we also see them cooking, fooling around and just hanging out, being kids. It’s a film that observes, without commentary. In stunningly styled black and white Sylvain George gives his viewers the time to reflect for themselves upon this utterly grey situation and question our own human responsibility.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
France Nuit obscure - Au revoir ici, n'importe où
United Kingdom Obscure night - Goodbye here, anywhere

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