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Kuolleet lehdet

Director : Aki Kaurismäki
Production year : 2023
Nationality : Finland
Kuolleet lehdet

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In the new dramedy FALLEN LEAVES, Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki takes the viewers into the world of two lonely people who meet accidentally and fall in love. It is a tale as old as time but in the hands of the acclaimed filmmaker, the story feels fresh and engaging. The cinematic world Kaurismäki creates feels both mundane and yet quirky, dark but with rays of light through the small moments when the heroes meet. The dialogue catches you off guard as delightfully absurd and you end up falling in love with these straightforward heroes which are flawed in a very human way. At first glance, you couldn't tell when FALLEN LEAVES was created due to a lack of modern gadgets and the style of filming but a few moments later, it snaps you back into today’s reality as soon as we hear, through the characters’ radio, bits of information about Russia’s war against Ukraine. This makes FALLEN LEAVES both a timeless tale and a reflection of this time. It draws strength from masterfully timed deadpan humor, minimalistic yet stunning cinematography, and well-executed acting.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Poland 2024/02/09 Opadające liście
Spain 2023/12/29 Fallen Leaves
Denmark 2023/12/25 Faldne blade
Italy 2023/12/21 Foglie al vento
Malta 2023/12/10 Fallen Leaves
United Kingdom 2023/12/01 Fallen Leaves
Ireland 2023/12/01 Fallen Leaves
Romania 2023/12/01 Frunze Cazatoare
Greece 2023/11/30 Πεσμένα Φύλλα
Estonia 2023/11/24 Langenud lehed
Czech Republic 2023/11/16 Karaoke Blues
Slovak Republic 2023/11/16 Karaoke Blues
Hungary 2023/11/12 Hulló levelek
Latvia 2023/11/10 Kritušas lapas
Ukraine 2023/11/09 Опале листя
Belgium 2023/11/01 Fallen Leaves
Croatia 2023/10/28 Palo lišće
Sweden 2023/10/13 Höstlöv som faller
Slovenia 2023/10/04 Jesensko listje
Lithuania 2023/10/03 Nukritę lapai
France 2023/09/20 Les feuilles mortes
Canada 2023/09/16 Fallen Leaves
Finland 2023/09/15 Kuolleet lehdet
Austria 2023/09/15 Fallende Blätter
Germany 2023/09/14 Fallende Blätter
Switzerland 2023/09/14 Fallen Leaves
Netherlands 2023/08/17 Fallen Leaves
Armenia 2023/07/12 Թափված տերևներ

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