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Little Girl Blue

Director : Mona Achache
Production year : 2023
Nationality : France
Little Girl Blue

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Through an autobiographical and cathartic investigation, director Mona Achache recreates a dialogue that never really took place with her missing mother, played here by an unexpected and incandescent Marion Cotillard. From this process emerges the gripping story of the lives of three women who, from mothers to daughters, cross a half-century of cultural transformation, share the lives of eminent artists, but immutably fall victim to psychological and sexual abuse, and the law of their own silences. LITTLE GIRL BLUE is a deeply moving film, and one of the qualities that makes it essential is the harsh light it casts on the patriarchy that insidiously strikes at women's lives, even in places where we might never have imagined it.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
France 2023/11/15 Little Girl Blue
Switzerland 2023/11/01 Little Girl Blue

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