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La Chimera

Director : Alice Rohrwacher
Production year : 2023
Nationality : Italy
La Chimera

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Sofie Mercier - Sphinx Cinema


Alice Rohrwacher’s LA CHIMERA is built as a labyrinth that - unlike a maze which can send you towards dead ends and back to the start - wants to unveil its destination. Her tale of lost love will make you go searching for the treasures of human connection beyond physical proximity, time and perspective. There’s a thread that guides you through, along classical myths and the magic you might discover in your everyday life; sculpting loved ones as hybrid creatures and showing you how gold is kept by the most troubled souls. During my final screening at the Cannes Film Festival, I dug deep into this film to find both darkness and light, and the sublime art of a filmmaker who remains humble in every shot.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Germany 2024/04/11 La Chimera
Poland 2024/01/19 La Chimera
Austria 2023/12/22 La Chimera
France 2023/12/06 La Chimère
Italy 2023/11/23 La Chimera
Switzerland 2023/10/12 LA CHIMERA
Czech Republic 2023/07/01 Chiméra

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