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Le procès Goldman

Director : Cédric Kahn
Production year : 2023
Nationality : France
Le procès Goldman

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Cédric Kahn stages the trial of Pierre Goldman, a revolutionary and leftist writer, accused in 1976 of murdering two pharmacists during a robbery. Goldman was adored by the Parisian intelligentsia and author of a best-selling book entitled "Obscure memories of a Polish Jew born in France". In court, he denied having committed the two murders and violently attacked the French state and its police, whom he described as racist. The rigor of the script, the lyricism of the dialogue, the effective sobriety of the staging and the excellence of the actors highlight the passionate exchanges during which Goldman tries to impose his truth and his vision of France on the jury, the prosecutor and even his own lawyer Georges Kiejman. The debates and emotions raised during the trial are disturbingly topical, making PROCES GOLDMAN one of France's great political films.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Czech Republic 2024/02/22 Případ Goldman
Italy 2023/12/02 Le procès Goldman
Canada 2023/11/03 LE PROCÈS GOLDMAN
Belgium 2023/10/04 Le procès Goldman
Switzerland 2023/10/04 Le procès Goldman
France 2023/09/27 Le Procès Goldman
United Kingdom The Goldman Case

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