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Director : Vasilis Katsoupis
Production year : 2023
Nationality : Europe

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Ola Starmach - Kino Pod Baranami


Vasilis Katsoupis’ debut feature film “Inside” is a one man show with famous hit Macarena (annoyingly) playing in the background. A minimalistic thriller starring Willem Dafoe as an art thief Nemo who was caught in a golden cage. More precisely, he is locked up in a luxury penthouse in New York City filled with contemporary art - paintings, photos and sculptures - exhibited alongside with elegant furniture. At first, he tries to escape but after multiple attempts and devastating failures, he switches into a survival mode. Without food, without water but surrounded with priceless art masterpieces. Can art save him? The struggle is real and clearly visible in Dafoe’s physical appearance. His performance is brilliant as well as the astonishing production design by Thorsten Sabel who helped to make the apartment a character in the movie itself.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
France 2023/11/01 A l'intérieur
Belgium 2023/03/29 Inside
Germany 2023/03/16 Inside – Kunst bleibt für immer
Greece 2023/03/09 inside
Europe Inside

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