Innovation Sofia Lab “Moving forward: Reviewing old habits and exploring new models”

22-25 March 2023


Join this lab to meet international practitioners from across the film value chain, share field experiences, renew perspective and find possible solutions for adapting your activities.

Innovation Sofia Lab “Moving forward: Reviewing old habits and exploring new models”

Led by Javier Pachón (Executive Director and Head Programmer, CineCiutat, Palma de Majorca, Spain) together with Marijana Bosniak (Manager and Programmer, kino Urania, Osijek, Croatia), our lab is organized in the framework of the Sofia Meetings (Sofia International Film Festival). It is a great opportunity to share approaches and find practical solutions to some of the big questions facing the film sector such as: How can we attract audiences back to European films as trends and expectations have changed? Ticketing, membership and pricing: what new marketing strategy could we implement? How do we create new bonds with the audience through technical innovation? With rising concerns about our impact on the environment, are there more sustainable solutions for the exhibition sector? How to develop an innovative and collective project? Where to find ideas and inspiration?

Topics include:

  • Marketing and communication: strategies for reaching out towards audiences.
  • Building partnerships with cinemas and third parties.
  • Bridging European film to local communities for social impact and audience building.
  • Curatorship and discovery: Event management and looking beyond programming.
  • Changing our mind-set and welcome change.
  • Enhancing the cinema experience: rethinking the theatre environment and services.

Bring your ideas and issues to the Lab, step back from the day to day and spend time with practitioners from a diverse range of national contexts to reflect on your practice, exchange expertise and find practical solutions.
Open Slot sessions also give participants the space to share a problem, pitch innovative ideas and/or identifying potential international collaborators for new projects.

IMPORTANT: This lab is open to all European exhibitors, members of Europa Cinemas network or not. The number of participants is limited to 35 people. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. However, priority will be given to exhibitors who never attended a Europa Cinemas Lab before and to exhibitors from Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. The discussions will be held in English over the whole lab.



Have a look at the following documents : the Sofia Lab programme and the list of participants.

You can have as well a read through the final report of our Sofia Innovation Lab here.



Follow live the Sofia Lab! In order to satisfy the great interest in the Sofia Lab and allow all the European exhibitors and professionals not present in Sofia to follow the main sessions and the case studies, we are proposing a live-stream of the Sofia lab during the 3 main days of the event. For more information and the detailed timeschedule, have a look at the article written specifially for the Live Streaming of our Sofia Lab.



Our Europa Cinemas App gives you access to the Sofia Lab programme, the participants’ presentation and additional information on each speaker of each session.

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