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Europa Cinemas Label

Europa Cinemas Label

Since 2003, the Europa Cinemas Label has been awarded to a European film by a jury of Europa Cinemas exhibitors at five European festivals: Panorama (Berlinale), Directors’ Fortnight (Cannes Film Festival), Proxima and Crystal Globe Competition (Karlovy-Vary International Film Festival), international competition and the Cineasti del Presente section (Locarno Film Festival) and Giornate degli Autori (Venice Film Festival).

The Europa Cinemas Label aims to increase the promotion, circulation and exhibition lifespan of winning films. The Label is awarded at a strategic point in a film's career, at the time of its presentation at a festival and launch onto the international market. The Label mobilises the media, exporters, distributors and exhibitors.

The distribution and exhibition of Label films in cinemas is monitored in collaboration with the international sales companies, distributors and producers of these films.

In 2022, the Europa Cinemas Label enabled 423 network film theatres to increase their non-national European screenings. In total, 202.149 spectators watched EC Label films in the Europa Cinemas Network in 2020.

Since its creation until 2022, 83 European films have been distinguished by this award.

The Europa Cinemas Label has often highlighted the first films of filmmakers, now considered among the most important in European cinema. Examples include DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE and THE YOUNG LIEUTENANT in Venice, CONTROL and MUSTANG in Cannes, KLASS and BABAI in Karlovy Vary, FIDELIO L'ODYSSEE D'ALICE in Locarno, DIE FREMDE and THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN in Berlin.

To promote Label films even further, we use the services of a press agent, Charles McDonald, in particular for meetings with the international press. We produce specific communication tools: booklet presenting Label winning films of the year, animated intertitles for film copies and trailers, Label logo for communication material (print/web), and promotion of Label films on Europa Cinemas communication materials (newsletters, publications and website). The booklet is distributed at festivals, during professional events, to the media and through emailings.

Through the partnership with the Cannes Film Market, launched in 2012, network exhibitors are able to enjoy free screenings of Label films via the Cinando platform


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For further information on the Europa Cinemas Label and its juries, please do not hesitate to contact: 

Fatima Djoumer, CEO (fdjoumer@europa-cinemas.org) and Lisa Püscher, EC Label Coordinator (lpuescher@europa-cinemas.org).