Focus on European film screenings (1 - 2 December)

22nd Network Conference


The conference will start on Thursday 1 December, from 10.30 in the morning, at the Cinéma l'Entrepôt, with the screening of 16 new European films. The screenings will continue on Friday morning at 9.30am, also at the Cinéma l'Entrepôt, before the official opening of the conference on Friday at 2pm. On Friday morning, participants can also attend a debate on the French market at the hotel.

Focus on European film screenings (1 - 2 December)



All film screenings take place at the Cinéma l'Entrepôt. 
Cinema address: 7 Rue Francis de Pressensé, 75014 Paris - 

Metro station: Pernety - line 13
Access by metro from the Novotel Tour Eiffel hotel in about 25 minutes: 
Take line 10 at Charles Michels station, direction Gare d'Austerlitz / change at Duroc for line 13, direction Châtillon-Montrouge / get off at Pernety


THURSDAY 01/12 - Cinéma L'Entrepôt

Cinema 1

10:30 - BEAUTIFUL BEINGS (IS - 123)

12:45 - SICK OF MYSELF (NO - 95)

14:30 - BEAUTIFUL BEINGS (IS - 123)

16:45 - TOMMY GUNS (PT - 118)

19:00 - GODLAND (DK - 143)

21:30 - SICK OF MYSELF (NO - 95)

ENDS 23h05

Cinema 2

11:00 - TO THE NORTH (RO - 123)

13:15 - SAFE PLACE (HR - 102)


17:00 - GIRL PICTURE (FI - 100)

19:00 - L'INNOCENT (FR - 99)

21:00 - SAFE PLACE (HR - 102)

ENDS 22h42

Cinema 3

10:30 - THE QUIET GIRL (IE - 94)

12:15 - 7h15 - MERLE NOIR (FR - 30)

13:00 - FUCKING BORNHOLM (PL - 99)

15:00 - ALMA VIVA (PT - 85)

16:45 - MANTICORA (ES - 115)

19:00 - ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT (ES - 120)

21:15 - FUCKING BORNHOLM (PL - 99)

ENDS 22h54


FRIDAY 02/12 - Cinéma L'Entrepôt

Cinema 1

10:00 - LA GRAVITE (FR - 86)

ENDS 11h26

Cinema 2

09:30 - TO THE NORTH (RO - 123)

ENDS 11h33

Cinema 3

09:30 - 7h15 - MERLE NOIR (FR - 30)

10:15 - THE QUIET GIRL (IE - 94)

ENDS 11h49


See also here (pdf)


The Cinéma L'Entrepôt has a restaurant and a bar. The bar will be open all day for coffee breaks, snacks and drinks between screenings. 

Restaurant Fulgurances at the Entrepôt under the glass roof, open from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:30 to 21:30 (last order) - Reservation recommended.

In addition, the Europa Cinemas awards ceremony, on Friday evening at the Cinéma Le Balzac, will continue with the screening of the film SAINT-OMER by Alice Diop with English subtitles (Silver Lion and Lion of the Future at Venice, Prix Jean Vigo). 

For the film screenings at L'Entrepôt, we propose 16 films: 15 feature films and one short film (see details below). 

This short film, 7h15 MERLE NOIR by Judith Auffray, a festival award-winning documentary, was a surprise favourite in our selection. We hope it will delight the audience as much as we did. 

All 15 feature films were screened at festivals in 2022. Some were programmed in Berlin. Others are much more recent. All of them have never been released in most European countries. Among them, 4 have received the Europa Cinemas Label at partner festivals. 

We would like to thank the film sales companies, the French distributors who gave their permission, Le Fresnoy and Judith Auffray. A big thank you to the team of L'Entrepôt for their welcome and to the team of Balzac for the award ceremony. 



A film by Judith Auffray

FR (France)

Short film, 30 min


Starring: Mana Féron, Jean Poinsignon

Synopsis: An old hermit and a young girl who can communicate with birds hear the singing of an unknown bird one day and set off into the forest and an abandoned mine to find it.

Sales: Le Fresnoy

Festivals: Cinéma du Réel, Ji.hlava (Best Film, Best Photography)



A film by Cristèle Alves Meira

PT (Portugal, Belgium, France)

85 min


Starring: Lua Michel, Ana Padrão  Jacqueline Corado

Synopsis: Like every summer, little Salomé returns to her family village nestled in the Portuguese mountains for the holidays. As the vacations begin in a carefree atmosphere, her beloved grandmother suddenly dies. While the adults are tearing each other apart over the funeral, Salomé is haunted by the spirit of the one who was considered a witch.

Sales: Kinology

Festivals: Cannes (Critic’s Week), Jury Prize in Marrakech




A film by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

IS (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic)

123 min


Starring: Birgir Dagur Bjarkason, Áskell Einar Pálmason, Viktor Benóný Benediktsson

Synopsis: Addi, a boy raised by a clairvoyant mother, decides to adopt a bullied misfit into his gang of outsiders. Left to their own devices, the boys explore aggression and violence but also learn about loyalty and love. As the group’s behavior escalates towards life-threatening situations, Addi begins to experience a series of dreamlike visions. Can his newfound intuition guide him and his friends back to a safer path, or will they dive irrevocably into further violence?

Sales: New Europe Film Sales

Festivals: Berlin, Panorama (Europa Cinemas Label), La-Roche-sur-Yon (Grand Prix), Valladolid (Youth Jury Prize)



A film by Wissam Charaf

FR (France, Italy, Lebanon, Qatar)

83 min

Fantasy drama

Starring: Lara Couturet, Ziad Jallad, Rifaat Tarabey, Darina Al Joundi

Synopsis: Beirut, Lebanon, the present. Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, and Mehdia, an Ethiopian migrant domestic worker, are living an impossible love of stolen kisses on street corners. While Mehdia tries to free herself from her employers, Ahmed struggles to survive by selling scrap metal, while affected by a mysterious disease. The two lovers may have no future, but they also have nothing to lose. 

Sales: Intramovies

Festivals: Venice, Giornate degli autori (Label Europa Cinemas), Hamburg (Critics' Mention), Belfort (Audience Award)



A film by Anna Kazejak


99 min

Comedy drama

Starring: Agnieszka Grochowska, Maciej Stuhr, Grzegorz Damiecki, Jasmina Polak, Magnus Krepper

Synopsis: Two families who have known each other for years spend the long May weekend camping together as usual on the idyllic Danish island of Bornholm. However, the complex situation created by their children sets off a chain of events which turn what was originally to have been a promising, relaxing holiday into something akin to purgatory… 

Sales: Film Republic

Festivals: Karlovy Vary (Europa Cinemas Label)



Tytöt tytöt tytöt

A film by Alli Haapasalo

FI (Finland)

100 min

Romantic comedy

Starring: Aamu Milonoff, Oona Airola, Eleonoora Kauhanen

Synopsis: Mimmi, Emma and Rönkkö are girls at the cusp of womanhood, trying to draw their own contours. Over three consecutive Fridays, two of them experience the earth moving effects of falling in love, while the third goes on a quest to find something she’s never experienced before … pleasure.

Sales: LevelK

Festivals: Berlin (Generation), Best Actress in San Diego and Los Angeles, Sundance (Audience Award)



Vanskabte Land

A film by Hlynur Palmason

DK (Denmark, Iceland, France, Sweden)

143 min


Starring: Elliott Crosset Hove, Ingvar Sigurðsson, Vic Carmen Sonne

Synopsis: In the late 19th century, a young Danish priest travels to a remote part of Iceland to build a church and photograph its people. But the deeper he goes into the unforgiving landscape, the more he strays from his purpose, the mission and morality.

Sales: New Europe Film Sales

Festivals: Cannes (UCR), Best Film in Chicago and Riga




A film by Carlos Vermut

ES (Spain)

115 min


Starring: Nacho Sánchez, Zoe Stein

Synopsis: Julian is a successful video game designer tortured by a dark secret. When Diana appears in his life, Julian will begin to see a chance at happiness.


Sales: Film Factory

Festivals: Toronto, Sitges, Thessaloniki



Un año, una noche

A film by Isaki Lacuesta

ES (Spain, France)

120 min


Starring: Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Noémie Merlant, Quim Gutiérrez

Synopsis: The trauma of a young French-Spanish couple. Both are survivors of the Bataclan attack, on the evening of November 13, 2015.

Sales: Studiocanal

Festivals: Berlin (Ecumenical Jury Prize)



Sigurno mjesto

A film by Juraj Lerotić

HR (Croatia)

102 min


Starring: Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov, Goran Marković, Juraj Lerotić

Synopsis: A traumatic event - a suicide attempt - creates a rift in the daily life of a family. Their lives fundamentally change, as if they are fighting a war that is invisible to everyone.

Sales: Cercamon

Festivals: Sarajevo (Best Film, Best Actor), Locarno (Best First Film, Best Actor)



Syk pike

A film by Kristoffer Borgli

NO (Norway, Sweden)

95 min

Comedy drama

Starring:  Kristine Kujath Thorp, Eirik Sæther, Fanny Vaager

Synopsis: Signe and Thomas are in an unhealthy, competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn when Thomas suddenly breaks through as a contemporary artist. In response, Signe makes a desperate attempt to regain her status by creating a new persona hell-bent on attracting attention and sympathy.

Sales: Memento

Festivals: Cannes (UCR), Valladolid (Best Film)



La Gravité

A film by Cédric Ido

FR (France)

86 min

Drama, SF

Starring: Max Gomis, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon, Hafsia Herzi

Synopsis: A mysterious cosmic event disrupts the Earth's gravity and creates chaos in a futuristic Parisian suburb.

Sales : Kinology

Festivals: Namur (Special Jury Prize)




A film by Louis Garrel

FR (France)

99 min


Starring: Louis Garrel, Roschdy Zem, Noémie Merlant, Anouk Grinberg

Synopsis: When Abel learns that his 60-year-old mother Sylvie is about to marry a man in prison he freaks out. With the help of his best friend, Clémence, he will do whatever it takes to protect her. But meeting Michel, his new stepfather, may well offer him a new perspective…

Sales: Wild Bunch International

Festivals: Namur (Best Screenplay)



An Cailín Ciúin

A film by Colm Bairéad

IE (Ireland)

94 min


Starring: Carrie Crowley, Andrew Bennett, Catherine Clinch

Synopsis: Cáit is a nine year-old girl from an over- crowded, dysfunctional and impoverished family. As summer arrives and her pregnant mother’s due date approaches, Cáit is sent to live with distant relatives. Slowly, in the care of the Kinsellas, Cáit blossoms and discovers a new way of living. But in this house where affection grows and there are meant to be no secrets, she discovers one painful truth.

Sales: Bankside

Festivals: Berlin (Generation - Grand Prix & Special Mention), Audience Award in Denver, Dublin, Taipei, Valladolid..., Best Photography at EFA, 7 awards at IFTA (Irish Films)



A film by Mihai Mincan

RO (Romania, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic)

123 min

Drama, Thriller

Starring: Soliman Cruz, Niko Becker, Bart Guingona, Olivier Ho Hio Hen

Synopsis: 1996, high seas. While serving on the deck of a transatlantic ship, Joel, a religious Filipino sailor, discovers Dumitru, a Romanian stowaway hidden between containers. If he is spotted by the Taiwanese officers running the ship, Dumitru risks being thrown overboard. Joel decides to hide him as a sign of gratitude to God. A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins.

Sales: BFF Best Friend Forever

Festivals: Venice (Horizons)



Nação Valente

A film by Carlos Conceição

PT (Portugal, France, Angola)

118 min

Drama, War

Starring: João Arrais, Anabela Moreira, Miguel Amorim, Gustavo Sumpta

Synopsis: In 1974, the Portuguese and their descendants fled Angola where nationalist groups gradually claimed their territory back. A tribal girl discovers love and death when her path crosses that of a Portuguese soldier. 

Sales: Wide Management

Festivals: Locarno (Label Europa Cinemas)


Pictures from top: THE QUIET GIRL / TO THE NORTH