European cinema initiatives

Stand with Ukraine


For the past two weeks, initiatives from our Network cinemas have arisen to respond within their means to the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We will share on our website and social networks the actions undertaken by our Network cinemas, as well as those identified by the CICAE. Do not hesitate to inform us if you launch an initiative.

European cinema initiatives

Cinemas in neighbouring countries are particularly active in helping Ukrainian people:

- Kino Usmev in Kosice (Slovakia ) has generously opened its doors to provide a referral point for people fleeing the country.

- The French Institute in Bucharest (Romania) is currently collecting donations for The Union of the Ukrainians of Romania.

- Kino Kameralne Cafe in Gdansk (Poland) is sending supply shuttle buses to the Ukrainian border.

As the migration crisis expands, several young audiences initiatives are being set up:

- Kino 60 krzeseł in Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland) donates proceeds from all their young audiences screenings to Unicef.

- Kino Paradox in Krakow (Poland) is programming free screenings with Ukrainian subtitles for children.

- Other projects such as the Border Crossing - Children's Film Festival or the VOD platform Nowe Horyzonty - Kids Kino Movies for children in Ukrainian are providing a selection of films for children who had to leave their homes.

More generally, screenings where the proceeds are donated to Ukrainian associations or rights holders, special programmes often followed by debates, are gaining momentum throughout Europe.

Ukrainian films are thus given pride of place, led by Sergei Loznitsa's DONBASS:

- In Belgium, at Sphinx in Ghent

- In France, at Entrepôt in Paris, at Méliès in Saint-Etienne, at Utopia in Bordeaux (several screenings of his films in the presence of the director)

- In Germany, at Yorck Kinos Network in Berlin

- In the Netherlands, at Cinema Middelburg, Rialto in Amsterdam, LantarenVenster in Rotterdam, Hoogt in Utrecht, and Lumiere in Maastricht

- In Finland, at Kino Tapiola in Helsinki

- In Greece, at Asty Cinema in Athens

- In Hungary, at Cirko Geizir in Budapest.

Also, worth mentioning among the titles screened as part of initiatives of Network cinemas, are:

- MY WAR (Inner Wars) by Masha Kondakova (at Kino Pod Baranami in Krakow, Poland)

- THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE by Iryna Tsilyk (at Kino Muza in Poznan, Poland and at Cinema Les 400 Coups in Angers, France)

- A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS by Simon Lereng Wilmont (at Folkets Bio cinema group in Sweden)

- THE CACOPHONY OF DONBASS by Igor Minaiev (at Entrepôt in Paris, France)

- REFLECTION and ATLANTIS by Valentyn Vasyanovych (at Galeries in Brussels, Belgium and at Rosebud Cinema in Reggio Emilia, Italy).

Other fundraising actions are taking place, such as the Pordenone Docs Fest on the initiative of director Alina Gorlova, the Karlovy Vary Festival in support of Člověk v tísni / People in Need, and the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk in support of Ukrainian filmmakers.

Thank you for your solidarity!