Congratulations to the young 27 film-lovers that have been selected to promote European cinema!

27 Times Cinema celebrates its 14th anniversary


27 Times Cinema is back for the 14th year in a row thanks to the partnership of the Lux Audience Award, Giornate degli Autori and Europa Cinemas, who, with the support of Cineuropa, are bringing to the Venice International Film Festival, 27 young cinephiles, each in representation of one European country and one cinema of the Europa Cinemas network.

Congratulations to the young 27 film-lovers that have been selected to promote European cinema!

Those 27 are chosen among the young audiences of the cinemas in their countries and hundreds of applications based on their commitment and passion for European film. They will participate in the Venice International Film Festival and become the official ambassadors of the LUX Audience Award.

These 27 youngsters, aged between 18 and 25, will meet in Venice for the first time, where they will spend two weeks breathing the atmosphere of a leading international film festival. Here they will serve as members of the Giornate degli Autori Jury, awarding the GdA Director's Award (€20.000).

They will also have the opportunity to further their knowledge of the European film industry by participating in round-table discussions and debates with film industry professionals, critics and filmmakers and get the chance to strengthen their skills by contributing to the content of Cineuropa's blog and the Social Media of the LUX Audience Award and Europa Cinemas.

After the Festival, their journey will continue back home as LUX Audience Award ambassadors devoting themselves to promoting the biggest jury award in Europe by contributing actively to the events organised by the European Parliament during the voting campaign throughout the 2024 edition of the LUX Audience Award.

What makes each ambassador so unique? What is it that they love about cinema?

If you want to learn more about them or the cinemas they will represent in Venice, check our blog, where you'll find the profiles of the 27 Ambassadors and the portraits of the cinemas they represent.

Austria – Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus (Vienna) – Joshua Jagersberger
Belgium – Sphinx Cinema (Ghent) – Klaas Mertens
Bulgaria – Cultural Centre G8 (Sofia) – Svetla Sarieva
Croatia – Kino Urania (Osijek) – Lucija Mijatović
Cyprus – Rialto Theatre (Limassol) – Georgiana Ioannou
Czech Republic – Scala (Brno) – Tomáš Payer
Denmark – Grand Teatret (Copenhagen) – Maya Jørgensen
Estonia – Tartu Elektriteater  (Tartu) – Joonas Lass
Finland – Kino Iiris (Lahti) – Myrsky Vederhorn
France –  Cinéma Le Méliès (Montreuil) – Axelle Jean
Germany – Atlantis (Mannheim) – Rahel Jung
Greece – Mikrokosmos (Athens) – Glykeria Pappa
Hungary – Tisza Mozi (Szolnok) – Mila Taraczky
Ireland – Irish Film Institute (Dublin) – Eamon Hughes
Italy – Cinema Beltrade (Milano) – Cecilia Volpi
Latvia – Splendid Palace (Riga) – Nikita Trojanskis
Lithuania – Skalvijos Kino Centras  (Vilnius) – Marija MireckaitÄ—
Luxembourg – Utopia (Luxembourg) – Esther Gaspart
Malta – Cinema Spazju Kreattiv (Valletta) – Miguel Formosa
Netherlands – Rialto (Amsterdam) – Luca Deutinger
Poland – Kino Pod Baranami (Krakow) – Agnieszka Gryz
Portugal – Trindade (Porto) – Marta Belinha
Romania – Cinema Muzeul Taranului (Bucharest) – Dora Leu
Spain – Renoir (Madrid) – Pau Canivell
Slovenia – Mestni kino Domzale (Domzale) – Manca Cerar
Slovakia – Cinema Lumière (Bratislava) – Adam Pavlovic
Sweden – Biografen Zita (Stockholm) – Agnes Athley