Network Review 37

Cannes 2021


Our Cannes 2021 Network Review opens with an interview to Lucia Recalde, Head of Creative Europe MEDIA, who explains the new programme 2021-2027. In addition it includes eight articles on the current cinema exhibition status in the main national markets, written by renowned trade journalists. You will also find, as every year, the 2020 network results and some interesting facts and figures of the past year.

Network Review 37
Download the pdf version in English here: Network Review #37



4 - Editorial

6 - Interview with Lucia Recalde

8 - 2020: Films, Facts & Figures

10 - Top 50 European films by admissions in the Europa Cinemas Network

12 - Country Focus

30 - Cinema Reopening in Europe

46 - The 27 Times Cinema initiative and the LUX Audience Award