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Director : Dalibor Matanić
Production year : 2015
Nationality : Croatia
Other country (ies) : Serbia, Slovenia

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Spain 2017/05/18 Bajo el sol
Bulgaria 2016/09/02 Зенит
Netherlands 2016/05/05 The High Sun
Italy 2016/04/28 Sole alto
France 2016/03/30 Soleil de plomb
Belgium 2016/03/30 The High Sun
Switzerland 2016/03/24 Zvizdan - Mittagssonne
Greece 2016/02/25 Καυτός Ήλιος
Slovenia 2015/11/23 Zenit
Croatia 2015/09/18 Zvizdan
United States of America The High Sun

Circulation of the film in the network until 2017

241 Number of cinemas
22 Number of countries

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