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Les Combattants

Director : Thomas Cailley
Production year : 2014
Nationality : France

Between his friends and the family business, Arnaud’s summer looks set to be a peaceful one… Peaceful until he runs into Madeleine, as beautiful as she is brusque, a concrete block of tensed muscles and doomsday prophecies. He expects nothing; she prepares for the worst. Given she has not asked him for anything, just how far will he go along with her? It’s a love story. Or a story of survival. Or both.

Les Combattants
Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Croatia 2016/06/18 Ljubav na prvi pogled
Bulgaria 2016/04/01 Бойците
Spain 2015/08/07 Les Combattants
Austria 2015/07/03 Liebe auf den ersten Schlag
Germany 2015/07/02 Liebe auf den ersten Schlag
United Kingdom 2015/06/19 Les Combattants
Poland 2015/06/12 Miłość od pierwszego ugryzienia
Romania 2015/06/05 Dragoste la prima luptă
Czech Republic 2015/05/28 Láska na první boj
Slovak Republic 2015/05/14 Láska na prvý boj
Greece 2015/05/07 Έρωτας με την πρώτη μπουνιά
Netherlands 2015/04/30 Fighters
Italy 2015/04/16 The Fighters - Addestramento di vita
Switzerland 2015/04/16 Les Combattants
Hungary 2015/03/19 A küzdők
Lithuania 2015/02/13 Meile is pirmo smugio
Estonia 2015/02/06 Armastus esimesest hoobist
Slovenia 2014/11/17 Ljubezen na prvi pretep
Turkey 2014/10/16 İlk Güreşte Aşk
Belgium 2014/09/10 Les Combattants
France 2014/08/20 Les Combattants

Circulation of the film in the network until 2023

481 Number of cinemas
30 Number of countries

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