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Director : Eskil Vogt
Production year : 2014
Nationality : Norway

Ingrid is blind. She lives with her husband Morten. As soon as he is out of the house, she sits at the window with a cup of tea listening to the radio or to the sounds that surround her. Ingrid’s fear of leaving the apartment grows. She suspects that her husband sometimes stays at home secretly in order to observe her. Or perhaps he chats online with a mistress whilst sitting next to her in bed, pretending to answer business mails. Einar has a penchant for internet porn and women with long hair but he’s too shy to approach anyone. Elin lives opposite him and has nobody to call her own except for her child, who spends most of the time with its father. Ingrid’s life is connected to the lives of Einar and Elin. They seem to share some of her fears and at one point even her blindness. Ingrid is aware of Einar’s and Elin’s sexual desires and Elin is familiar with Ingrid’s preferences. Or are these two just figments of Ingrid’s imagination? BLIND is an experiment: how important is sight for a visual medium? In his feature debut writer/director Eskil Vogt toys with illusion and reality, effortlessly pursuing plot conventions into the absurd.

Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Croatia 2017/01/29 Slijepa
Poland 2016/05/20 Ślepowidzenie
Spain 2015/07/17 Blind
Slovak Republic 2015/07/02 Slepá
Czech Republic 2015/06/04 Slepá
France 2015/04/29 Blind : Un rêve eveillé
United Kingdom 2015/03/27 Blind
Sweden 2015/03/13 Blind
Slovenia 2014/11/15 Slepa
Netherlands 2014/10/23 Blind
Greece 2014/10/09 Blind
Norway 2014/02/28 Blind

Circulation of the film in the network until 2023

212 Number of cinemas
19 Number of countries

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