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Tableau Noir

Director : Yves Yersin
Production year : 2013
Nationality : Switzerland

BLACKBOARD plunges spectators into an intimate and inaccessible microcosm of an elementary school located in a hamlet where there are only five houses at 1153 meters in the Jura region. The feature film chronicles life at the school over a year, focusing on the pupils, aged six to twelve, who share the same class, along with their successes and failures - a dramatic story with universal appeal.

Tableau Noir
Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Lithuania 2015/03/12 Rasymo lenta
Austria 2015/03/06 Tableau Noir - Eine Zwergschule in den Bergen
Germany 2014/10/16 Tableau Noir - Eine Zwergschule in den Bergen
Switzerland 2014/03/13 Tableau Noir

Circulation of the film in the network until 2023

49 Number of cinemas
5 Number of countries

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