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Director : Robert Lakatos
Production year : 2008
Nationality : Hungary

How to hit the Jackpot? This question is not a simple one to answer for anybody. But it is even harder to solve for the two friends from this film, the "big hat" Gypsy, and his Hungarian buddy - both of them Transylvanians. Many times they don't succeed, but even if they do, their success don't last long. But they know something not all of us know: how to enjoy life. In this neorealistic comedy even if the situations are set up by the director, the two main characters are playing themselves, and solving the problems in their own way. In fact the camera follows the adventures of a real friendship in different countries, through different cultures.

Europa Cinemas Label
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Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Austria 2011/08/12 Bahrtalo! Good Luck!
Hungary 2008/05/15 Bahrtalo!
United Kingdom Bahrtalo! (Good luck!)

Circulation of the film in the network until 2023

23 Number of cinemas
8 Number of countries

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