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The Mother

Director : Roger Michell
Production year : 2003
Nationality : United Kingdom

A grandmother has a passionate affair with a man half her age, who is also sleeping with her daughter.

The Mother
Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Portugal 2005/01/20 A Mãe
Hungary 2004/12/12 Anya és a szerelem
Belgium 2004/07/14 The Mother
Czech Republic 2004/06/17 Matka
Spain 2004/05/28 The mother
Netherlands 2004/05/06
France 2004/03/10 The Mother
Norway 2004/03/05 I sin datters hus
Denmark 2004/03/05
Sweden 2004/02/20
Italy 2004/01/16 The mother
Austria 2003/12/05
Greece 2003/11/28 I mitera
United Kingdom 2003/11/14 The mother
Ireland 2003/11/14
Germany 2003/10/09 Die Mutter
Europe The mother
Finland Tyttären talossa

Circulation of the film in the network until 2023

242 Number of cinemas
26 Number of countries

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