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Director : Kristina Buožytė, Bruno Samper
Production year : 2022
Nationality : Lithuania
Other country (ies) : Belgium, France

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Kis Rauff - Nicolai Biograf


The Lithuanian postapocalyptic sci fi drama VESPER tells the story of a girl struggling to survive and possibly change the future in a hostile environment, caused by the collapse of Earths eco system. The film adds a tactility to the narration, that I thoroughly enjoyed, both when it comes to the sheer brown and grey ugliness of mud and grease and the bits of beauty, which emerge in the midst of hopelessness. It reminds me of the old fairy tales that we have been told, before the sugarcoated universe of Disney came into play, where raw brutality was there even on a sensory level alongside hope for a better world.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Spain 2023/07/07 Vesper
Sweden 2023/02/05 Vesper
United Kingdom 2022/10/21 Vesper
Ireland 2022/10/21 Vesper
Germany 2022/10/06 Vesper
Lithuania 2022/09/30 Vesper
Austria 2022/09/29 Vesper
France 2022/08/17 Vesper Chronicles

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