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Incroyable mais vrai

Director : Quentin Dupieux
Production year : 2022
Nationality : France
Incroyable mais vrai

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Matthias Damm - Casablanca Filmkunsttheater


When you browse through a festival programme, there are always two or three films that jump out at us and that we would not want to miss for anything in the world. Quentin Dupieux’s last movie „Incredible But True“ was one of those films at this year’s Berlinale. And it did not disappoint me. Nobody makes funnier movies without needing a single punchline. No other director so skillfully builds tension by adding more and more details to a setting already saturated with absurdity. No one has mastered the rhythm of a film as much as he has, and especially no one has done what he has done before. He sets a travel through space-time in the basement of the protagonists' new home. Dupieux’s films are not streamlined. They dare to be cryptic, they don’t have to spell out everything. They want to be discovered and they offer a lot for those who enter their strange, slightly shifted reality. If his films have never really succeeded in reaching the big audience they deserve, which will perhaps also be the case with "Incroyable but true", I hope that one day, Dupieux's bizarre and hilarious universe will be recognized at its true value!

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Netherlands 2022/06/30 Incroyable mais vrai
France 2022/06/15 Incroyable mais vrai
Belgium 2022/06/15 Incroyable mais vrai
United Kingdom Incredible But True

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