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Külön falka

Director : Hajni Kis
Production year : 2021
Nationality : Hungary
Külön falka

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WILD ROOTS tells the simple story of a touching relationship between father and daughter, that is very challenging to bring to the screen. The plot is inspired by the personal experience of the young director, Kiss Hajni and deals with a very sensitive topic, revolving around the importance of family, the power of parental love and its lack. The movie’s characters are outstanding and portrayed very naturally, which helps the movie to preserve authenticity through the protagonists. A deep emotional journey, that provides a real cinematic experience!

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Romania 2022/04/01 Haita noastră
Bulgaria 2022/03/17 Диви корен
Czech Republic 2021/11/07 Jiná smečka
Slovak Republic 2021/09/30 Iná svokra
Lithuania 2020/11/04 Nepritapėliai
Hungary Külön falka
United Kingdom Wild roots

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