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Director : Quentin Dupieux
Production year : 2020
Nationality : France

This movie is the favourite of

Octavio Alzola - Princesa


Two friends and one giant fly. After reading this I felt an instant attraction towards this movie. In my opinion MANDIBULES was one of the highlights in the strange and brilliant 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival. Directed by Quentin Dupieux, Grégoire Ludig acts as Manu, a French Dude that drags his best friend Jean-Gab (David Marsais) to a surreal adventure full of comedy, a buddy-movie that runs like clockwork. The high pitch speaker Agnès (Adéle Exarchopoulos) deserves a special mention as a brilliant cook with brain damage, suspicious of Manu and Jean-Gab but unable to uncover their stupid plans. Beside the laughs, this film shows true and loyal friendship. Toro!

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
United Kingdom 2021/09/17 Mandibles
Portugal 2021/09/16 Mandíbulas
Estonia 2021/08/05 Kärbes
Norway 2021/07/23 Mandibler
Czech Republic 2021/07/15 Moucha v kufru
Slovak Republic 2021/07/15 Mucha v kufri
Spain 2021/07/02 Mandíbulas
Slovenia 2021/07/01 Mandibule
Netherlands 2021/06/24 Mandibules
Romania 2021/06/18 Mandibule
Italy 2021/06/17 Mandibules - Due uomini e una mosca
Austria 2021/06/17 Mandibles
France 2021/05/19 Mandibules
Belgium 2021/04/28 Mandibules
Lithuania 2020/01/01 Toro

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