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Director : Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart
Production year : 2020
Nationality : Ireland

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Slovenia 2021/12/03 Wolfwalkers
Hungary 2021/11/24 Farkasok nepe
France 2021/10/20 Le peuple loup
Belgium 2021/09/22 Le peuple loup
Slovak Republic 2021/08/07 Vlkochodci
Austria 2021/07/20 Wolfwalkers
Croatia 2021/06/11 Wolfwalkers
Bulgaria 2021/03/17 Легенда за вълците
Ireland 2020/12/04 Wolfwalkers
Netherlands 2020/11/25 Wolfwalkers
Sweden 2020/11/13 Wolfwalkers
Italy 2020/11/13 Wolfwalkers
United Kingdom 2020/10/30 Wolfwalkers
Norway 2020/10/30 Wolfwalkers
Lithuania 2020/01/01 Wolfwalkers

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