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The man who sold his skin

Director : Kaouther Ben Hania
Production year : 2020
Nationality : France
The man who sold his skin

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With a satirical look at the contemporary art world, THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN deeply examines a person’s freedom in the light of Europe’s treatment of refugees. The plot is based on a sort of Faustian pact: a Syrian refugee sells, in order to obtain a visa for Europe, his own skin to a controversial Belgian artist, which transforms it into a tattooed living canvas. The film has a big potential for the arthouse market and is at the same time appealing for a wider audience. It is beautifully shot and built as a strange love-story talking about a refugee turned into a precious art work in the search for his lost love. With an interesting mix of romance, dark comedy and tragedy, THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN is a rollercoaster of emotions and strong ideas. It aims to invite the audience to reflect on ethics, limits of art and dehumanization in a strange quest of love and freedom.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Spain 2022/04/08 El hombre que vendió su piel
Germany 2022/02/24 Der Mann, der seine Haut verkaufte
Canada 2021/10/31 L’HOMME QUI A VENDU SA PEAU
Slovenia 2021/10/27 Mož, ki je prodal svojo kožo
Netherlands 2021/10/14 The Man Who Sold His Skin
Italy 2021/10/07 L'uomo che vendette la sua pelle
United Kingdom 2021/09/24 The Man Who Sold His Skin
Ireland 2021/09/24 The Man Who Sold His Skin
Hungary 2021/09/18 A férfi, aki vásárra vitte a bőrét
Denmark 2021/08/12 The Man Who Sold His Skin
Belgium 2021/08/04 L'homme qui a vendu sa peau
Russia 2021/06/24 Chelovek, kotoryi prodal svoyu kozhu
Portugal 2021/06/23 O Homem que Vendeu a Sua Pele
Greece 2021/06/10 Ο Άνθρωπος που Πούλησε το Δέρμα του
Norway 2021/05/28 The Man Who Sold His Skin
Sweden 2021/04/23 The man who sold his skin
Croatia 2021/04/23 Čovjek koji je prodao svoju kožu
Bulgaria 2021/03/21 Човекът, който продаде кожата си
Lithuania 2020/11/04 Žmogus, kuris pardavė savo odą
France The man who sold his skin
Morocco L'Homme qui a vendu sa peau

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