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Director : Sung-a Yoon
Production year : 2019
Nationality : Belgium
Other country (ies) : France

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Mattia Giannone - Cinélux


From the first shot you can see all the drama that rests on this documentary and on the shoulders of Filipino maids: a woman cleans the floor of the bathroom to tears; the camera remains distant. OVERSEAS by Korean director Sung-A Yoon is a film about the truth, or rather, the truth of fiction. "In the Philippines, in a training center for domestic work, the ready to go candidates are preparing for the nostalgia and ill-treatment that might await them overseas" (from the Locarno Film Festival website). The director manages to perfectly balance the fears, tales and mise-en-scène of the protagonists by constantly shifting the viewer between the feeling of detachment and empathy. OVERSEAS is the true revelation of this Locarno Film Festival.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Czech Republic 2020/10/06 Za mořem
Netherlands 2019/11/20 Overseas
United Kingdom 2019/09/13 Overseas
Belgium Overseas

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