Locarno: introduction of the jury of the Europa Cinemas Label

Locarno Festival (1-11 August 2018)


Four Network exhibitors from Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia and The Netherlands will take part in the Europa Cinemas Label Jury on the occasion of the upcoming International Film Festival of Locarno in Switzerland. The Jury members will award one film among the 15 European films competing in both the International Competition and Concorso Cineasti del presente.

Locarno: introduction of the jury of the Europa Cinemas Label

Hristo Hristozov (Cinema House, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristozov is currently Programme Director of Cinema House in Sofia, the leading art cinema place in Bulgaria. Hristo has a master degree in law and a mini-MBA in entrepreneurship. In the past 10 years he has also been part of the Sofia International Film Festival team (PR & Documentary Competition) and Art Fest distribution (PR). He manages a non-formal educational programme for students putting young and experienced filmmakers together.

Anna Reitze (Camera Zwo, Filmhaus, Saarbrücken, Germany)

Anna started working at Camera Zwo when they opened in 2006 – at that time as a side job during her studies. Since 2012 she’s the theatre manager of Camera Zwo – responsible for film selection, marketing, accounting, customer contact, technics…
Camera Zwo is located in Saarbrücken, right on the border to France, has 6 screens and only shows arthouse movies. The cinema is a Europa Cinemas member since 2015.

Nina Ukmar (Kosovelov dom Sežana, Sežana, Slovenia)

Nina Ukmar, manager of Kosovelov dom Sežana, Slovenia, studied economics (marketing), but was early involved in an NGO which organized cultural events and projects. She started working in the field of youth, managing a youth center and a 3-week summer festival. Since 2012 she is managing the cultural centre Kosovelov dom Sežana (which is an art cinema house also) and from April 2016 she is the president of the Slovenian Art Cinema Network (Art kino mreža Slovenije), which gathers 24 Slovenian art cinema houses.

René Wolf (EYE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

René Wolf (1963) is Head of Acquisitions and Senior Programmer at EYE (before Filmmuseum) in Amsterdam.
EYE is the museum for film and the moving image in the Netherlands. It combines a world-renowned film collection with expertise in restoration, educational programmes, exhibitions, etc. Wolf studied politicial science and communication before starting to work at the Filmmuseum in 1988. He has worked in various positions before becoming Senior Programmer, in charge of the first run programming as well as reruns of classics and side-programmes.


List of European films eligible for the Europa Cinemas Label:

Concorso internazionale

1. Alice T. by Radu Muntean (Romania, France, Sweden), 105’

2. M by Yolande Zauberman (France), 105’

3. Menocchio by Alberto Fasulo (Italy, Romania), 103’

4. Ray & Liz by Richard Billingham (United Kingdom), 108’

5. Sibel by Çagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti (Turkey, France, Germany, Luxembourg), 95’

6. Wintermärchen (A Winter’s Tale) by Jan Bonny (Germany), 125’

7. Yara by Abbas Fahdel (Lebanon, Iraq, France), 101’


Concorso Cineasti del presente

8. Alles ist gut (All good) by Eva Trobisch (Germany), 93’

9. Chaos by Sara Fattahi (Austria, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar), 97’

10. Likemeback by Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli (Italy, Croatia), 80’

11. L’Époque (Young And Alive) by Matthieu Bareyre (France), 94’

12. Siyabonga (We Are Thankful) by Joshua Magor (South Africa, United Kingdom), 93’

13. Sophia Antipolis by Virgil Vernier (France), 98’

14. Tegnap (Hier) by Bálint Kenyeres (Hungary, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Morocco),119’

15. Trote (Trot) by Xacio Baño (Spain, Lithuania), 83’


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