KVIFF (20 – 28 August 2021)

Presentation of the Europa Cinemas Label Jury


Three Network exhibitors from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia will take part in the Europa Cinemas Label Jury on the occasion of the upcoming International Film Festival of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. The Jury members will award one film among the 20 European films competing in both the Crystal Globe and the East of the West Competition.

KVIFF (20  – 28 August 2021)

The three Jury members this year are:

Linda Arbanová (Education manager, Aero Cinema, Prague, Czech Republic)

Linda Arbanová has been for the past 14 years education manager in Aero cinema, Prague. She has developed Aeroskola, which is one of the leading film education institutions in Czech Republic focused mainly on informal education. Linda is also co-managing Czech Association for film and audiovisual education. She is also a freelance video maker, VJ and audiovisual creator. 

Erika Borsos (Head of the Film Programming, Budapest Film Zrt., Budapest, Hungary)

Erika Borsos has been working for art-film distribution companies since 1995. She worked in many departments of film distribution, DVD rental stores, art-house cinema, organizing and managing film festivals and today she is working as the Head of the Film Programming at Budapest Film Zrt, which is the largest art house cinema network in Hungary, operating 6 cinemas in the capital city.

Gregor Janežič (Programmer, Kino Vrhnika, Vrhnika, Slovenia)

Gregor Janežič is self-employed in culture and working for the Ivan Cankar Institute Vrhnika as a programmer in Kino Vrhnika. He has been working there since the cinema was reopened in 2011. His responsibilities are taking care of the film education programme, the young audience development, and carefully selected regular film program.  He also actively participates in the Art Cinema Association of Slovenia.


List of European films eligible for the Europa Cinemas Label:


Crystal Globe Competition

AS FAR AS I CAN WALK by Stefan Arsenijević (Serbia) 92 min

AT FULL THROTTLE by Miro Remo (Slovak Republic) 85 min

BIRD ATLAS by Olmo Omerzu (Czech Republic, Slovenia) 92 min

BOILING POINT by Philip Barantini (United Kingdom) 94 min

EVERY SINGLE MINUTE by Erika Hníková (Czech Republic) 80 min

THE LAND OF THE SONS by Claudio Cupellini (Italy) 118 min

NÖ by Dietrich Brüggemann (Germany) 119 min

LE PRINCE by Lisa Bierwirth (Germany) 125 min

SAVING ONE WHO WAS DEAD by Václav Kadrnka (Czech Republic) 90 min

THE STAFFROOM by Sonja Tarokić (Croatia) 126 min


East of the West

AFTER THE WINTER by Ivan Bakrač (Montenegro) 101 min

DEAR ONES by Grzegorz Jaroszuk (Poland) 74 min

INTENSIVE LIFE UNIT by Adéla Komrzý) (Czech Republic) 73 min

MIRRORS IN THE DARK by Šimon Holý (Czech Republic) 84 min

PATCHWORK by Petros Charalambous (Cyprus) 86 min

ROOTS by Tea Lukač (Serbia) 80 min

RUNNER by Andrius Blaževičius (Lithuania) 87 min

SISTERHOOD by Dina Duma (North Macedonia) 90 min

TWO SHIPS by Jan Foukal (Czech Republic) 76 min

WILD ROOTS by Hajni Kis (Hungary) 98 min


EC Label contacts:

Fatima Djoumer, Head of International Relations & Events /

Lisa Püscher, EC Label Coordinator /

Charles McDonald, Press Officer /


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival