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The Father

Director : Florian Zeller
Production year : 2020
Nationality : United Kingdom
Other country (ies) : France
The Father

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Hungary 2021/10/02 Az apa
Slovenia 2021/09/23 Oče
Germany 2021/08/26 Father, The
Austria 2021/08/26 The Father
Netherlands 2021/08/21 The Father
Sweden 2021/08/20 The Father
Croatia 2021/08/15 Otac
Finland 2021/08/13 Isä
Latvia 2021/07/23 Tēvs
Greece 2021/07/08 Ο Πατέρας
Belgium 2021/06/16 The Father
United Kingdom 2021/06/11 The Father
Ireland 2021/06/11 The Father
Denmark 2021/06/10 The father
Norway 2021/05/28 The Father
France 2021/05/26 The Father
Italy 2021/05/20 The father - Nulla è come sembra
Portugal 2021/05/06 O Pai
Lithuania 2021/04/30 Tėvas
Estonia 2021/02/26 Isa
Spain 2020/12/23 El Padre
Bulgaria 2020/10/31 Бащата
Poland 2020/07/17 Ojciec
Slovak Republic 2020/06/24 Otec

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