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Sniegu juz nigdy nie bedzie

Director : Michal Englert, Malgorzata Szumowska
Production year : 2020
Nationality : Poland
Sniegu juz nigdy nie bedzie

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In Małgorzata Szumowska’s NEVER GONNA SNOW AGAIN a mysterious masseur enters the lives of several wives in a prosperous Polish community. The appeal? He might actually be magic. With his healing hands Zhenia cures an amalgam of maladies, from tense shoulders and bad backs to loneliness and grief. With its hypnotic dream sequences, hilariously funny side-characters and satirical undertone, NEVER GONNA SNOW AGAIN is a truly original and very enjoyable film that never gets too close to reality yet never strays far from it. DP and co-writer Michał Englert’s clean cinematography is intensely satisfying.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Czech Republic 2021/12/09 Sněžit už nikdy nebude
Slovak Republic 2021/12/09 Snežiť už nikdy nebude
Italy 2021/11/09 Non cadrà più la neve
Netherlands 2021/10/21 Never Gonna Snow Again
United Kingdom 2021/10/15 Never Gonna Snow Again
Ireland 2021/10/15 Never Gonna Snow Again
Hungary 2021/09/23 Soha többé nem fog havazni
Bulgaria 2021/09/17 Никога няма да вали
Finland 2021/08/28 Never Gonna Snow Again
Germany 2021/08/19 DER MASSEUR
Poland 2021/06/04 Śniegu już nigdy nie będzie
Spain 2021/05/28 Nunca volverá a nevar
Lithuania 2021/03/18 Sniego daugiau nebus
Russia 2021/03/18 Снега больше не будет

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