Survey - Strategic Investments in the Future of Film (November 2017)


On the occasion of its conference in Bucharest (24-26 November 2017), Europa Cinemas unveils a study on strategic investments in the cinemas of the network. Written by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia) and realised with the support of Creative Europe / MEDIA, the study is based on a questionnaire sent to a panel of 208 network cinemas across 141 cities and 31 countries.

Independent movie theaters have a crucial impact on the film and audiovisual ecosystem of course, but also on territories and communities. As sociocultural spaces, movie theaters can act as engines of regeneration and strengthen social cohesion. This role is not always recognized at its fair value.

The main objective of this study is to identify the investment axes of European independent cinemas, and to measure their impact in economic and socio-cultural terms. This study was designed in complementarity with the study on innovation and digital development that was published during the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

The answers to the questionnaire reveal four major areas of investment. Each one composes a chapter of the study and is illustrated by several case studies.

1 / Investing in film

2 / Investing in the cinema experience

3 / Investing in communities

4 / Investing in people

  You can read this report, in English, here, on Issuu

New Approaches to Audience Building: A survey of innovation in the Europa Cinemas Network (2017)


New Approaches

This Innovation Survey, written by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia) and Tara Judah and commissioned by Europa Cinemas with the support of Creative Europe / MEDIA, is a study of actions and attitudes towards innovation among independent cinemas.

With 93 participants in 26 countries, it is among the largest studies of its kind. Participant cinema theatres are all members of the Europa Cinemas network.

The main objective of the report is to identify areas where innovation can advance the network’s core goal of supporting audience engagement with European films.

The report evaluates the impact and effectiveness of existing Europa Cinemas innovation work; identify gaps where innovation is needed but where obstacles are preventing the spread of new processes and practices inside the network; identify the innovation readiness of network members in terms of resources, knowledge and skills ; evaluate possible strategies for spreading best practice across the network, as well as consider the potential of new strategies for the future structure and activities of Europa Cinemas.

You can read this report, in English, here, on Issuu