KVIFF (28 June – 6 July 2024)

Presentation of the Label Jury


Three Network exhibitors from Austria, Lithuania and Spain will take part in the Europa Cinemas Label Jury on the occasion of the upcoming International Film Festival of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. The Jury members will award one film among 15 European films competing in both the Crystal Globe and Proxima Competition.

KVIFF (28 June – 6 July 2024)

The three EC Label Jury members are:

Sabine Hofmann (CEO, Filmcasino & Filmhaus. Kino am Spittelberg, Vienna, Austria)

Born in Austria, Sabine Hofmann studied law, theatre studies, and languages. She has worked extensively in the arts, serving as a dramaturg and production manager in theatres and festivals. Her career also includes roles as head of a funding agency for creatives, head of legal for a startup, and a member of Vienna’s deputy mayor's team. In 2013, Sabine joined the Filmcasino team. She is also a board member of Europa Distributions and a delegate for cinemas and distribution in the chamber of commerce.

Alicia Nieto (Programming and marketing assistant, Cines Renoir, Madrid, Spain)

Alicia Nieto graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville and in Screenwriting from the TAI School of Arts. She has been working in the audiovisual sector since the age of 18 and currently specializes in exhibition and distribution, maintaining direct contact with both the industry and spectators. Creatively, Alicia is dedicated to discovering new stories that excite and connect with people.

Auksė Podolskytė (Communications Coordinator, Skalvija Cinema Center, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Auksė Podolskytė is a communications specialist and film enthusiast working at Skalvija Cinema Center, the oldest operating arthouse cinema in Vilnius. She also manages communications for the Vilnius Documentary Film Festival. Auksė studied Communication Science and earned an MA in Analytical Journalism in 2017.

List of European films eligible for the Europa Cinemas Label:


BANZO by Margarida Cardoso Banzo (Portugal), 127 min.

CELEBRATION (Proslava) by Bruno Anković (Croatia), 86 min.

LOVEABLE (Elskling) by Lilja Ingolfsdottir (Norway), 101 min.

OUR LOVELY PIG SLAUGHTER (Mord) by Adam Martinec (Czech Republic), 84 min.

THE HUNGARIAN DRESSMAKER (Ema a smrtihlav) by Iveta Grófová (Slovakia), 129 min.

THREE DAYS OF FISH (Drie dagen vis) by Peter Hoogendoorn (Netherlands), 85 min.

TINY LIGHTS (Světýlka) by Beata Parkanová (Czech Republic), 74 min.

XOFTEX by Noaz Deshe (Germany), 95 min.



ALIENATED (Fără suflet) by Anja Kreis (Germany), 95 min.

CABO NEGRO by Abdellah Taïa (France), 76 min.

CHLOROPHYLL (Clorofilla) by Ivana Gloria (Italy), 75 min.

LAPILLI by Paula Ďurinová (Slovakia), 65 min.

MARCH TO MAY (Od marca do mája) by Martin Pavol Repka (Slovakia), 85 min.

TRANS MEMORIA by Victoria Verseau (Sweden), 72 min.

WINDLESS (Bezvetrije) by Pavel G. Vesnakov (Bulgaria), 93 min.

The Europa Cinemas Label will be awarded on Saturday, 6 July at 3.00pm during the non-statutory Juries Awards Ceremony at the Moser Terrace (Vodafone Lounge) of the Hotel Thermal.


EC Label contacts:

Fatima Djoumer, CEO /

Lisa Püscher, EC Label Coordinator /

Charles McDonald, Press Officer /


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