Innovation Lab Seville

14 - 17 November 2018


HOW TO MAKE THE CINEMA EXPERIENCE MORE ATTRACTIVE? Key strategies to develop audiences in the digital world

Innovation Lab Seville

Taking place at the inspirational Sevilla European Film Festival, this Lab will look at ways of attracting and growing audiences, creating demand for films and developing tools to increase loyalty, etc. Led by Maeve Cooke (Director, access>CINEMA, Ireland) together with Javier Pachón (President of Cineciutat and Cinearte, Spain) and Olle Agebro (Exhibitor, Fyrisbiografen, Sweden), this seminar will invite a diverse range of exhibitors to come together with other sections of the industry to share knowledge and experiences and work collaboratively to turn today’s perceived challenges into business opportunities.

Headline topics include:

Building relationships; from community design  and crowdfunding to data analysis and customer relationship management

Making the most of your resources from organisational development to involving volunteers and fundraising

Better understanding barriers to engagement from pricing, accessibility to discoverability issues.

Developing responsive and holistic communication and editorial strategies on and offline

Closer co-operation and exchange of practice between European cinemas and distributors/sales agents

From spaces to places: exploring the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a cinema and support its ongoing evolution

Partnership and network building with other cinemas, the wider film sector and beyond

IMPORTANT: This Lab is open to all exhibitors from Europe, members of Europa Cinemas network or not. The number of participants is limited to 40 persons. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. However, priority will be given to exhibitors who have not taken part in any previous sessions.

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