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Director : Philippe Lioret
Production year : 2009
Nationality : France

Bilal, 17, left his native Iraq shortly after his girlfriend emigrated to England and is now in the midst of an adventurous journey across Europe in order to see her again. However, his trek has now come to an abrupt end on the northern coast of France and he can go no further. Between him and his girlfriend Mina lies the wintry English Channel, the busiest waterway in the world. Could Bilal join the number of bold swimmers who have attempted the crossing? The boy decides to head for the local swimming pool to begin training. There he meets lifeguard Simon, to whom he eventually confides his grand plan. Simon takes Bilal under his wing and secretly teaches the young Kurd how to do the crawl.

Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Austria 2010/05/14 Welcome
Spain 2010/04/30 Welcome
Denmark 2010/03/18 Welcome
Norway 2010/02/12 Velkommen
Germany 2010/02/04 Welcome
Italy 2009/12/11 Welcome
Switzerland 2009/12/10 Welcome
Greece 2009/11/19 Welcome
Sweden 2009/11/06 Welcome
United Kingdom 2009/11/06 Welcome
Portugal 2009/10/01 Welcome - Bem-vindo
Netherlands 2009/07/30 Welcome
Belgium 2009/03/25 Welcome
France 2009/03/11 Welcome

Circulation of the film in the network until 2021

477 Number of cinemas
38 Number of countries

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