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Director : Detlev Buck
Production year : 2006
Nationality : Germany

Fifteen-year-old Michael Polischka is thrown into a gritty urban world when his mother breaks up with her rich doctor boyfriend. With little money of her own, Miriam is forced to move them into a dumpy apartment in a rough ethnic neighborhood, far from the posh suburbs they had grown accustomed to. Beatings and extortion by a gang of violent bullies makes public high school miserable for Michael. Life at home isn’t much better since he has to put up with the guys his pretty young mom entertains in her desperate search for a new man. Michael learns the ropes about the neighborhood from his likeable new buddies Crille and his younger half-brother Matze, a couple of neglected and undisciplined delinquents.

Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
United Kingdom 2007/09/21 Tough enough
Netherlands 2007/05/24 Knallhart
Poland 2007/05/04 Twardziel
Czech Republic 2007/03/29 Drsnák
France 2007/03/14 Les Enragés
Denmark 2007/01/05 Knallhart
Belgium 2006/11/15 Knallhart
Hungary 2006/10/12 Kőkemény
Switzerland 2006/03/30 Knallhart
Austria 2006/03/17 Knallhart
Germany 2006/03/09 Knallhart
Estonia Karm värk

Circulation of the film in the network until 2022

262 Number of cinemas
27 Number of countries

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