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Va, vis et deviens

Director : Radu Mihaileanu
Production year : 2004
Nationality : France

1984. Hundreds of thousands from 26 famine-struck countries find themselves in camps in Sudan. Initiated by Israel and the United States, a vast project (Operation Moses) is undertaken to bring the Ethiopian Jews (Falashas) to Israel. A Christian mother pushes her 9-year-old son to declare himself Jewish, in order to survive. The child arrives in the Promised Land. Officially an orphan, he is adopted by a French Sephardi family living in Tel-Aviv. He grows up fearing that his secrets and lies will be discovered: he is neither Jewish nor orphan, only black. He will discover love, Western culture and Judaism as well as racism and war in the Occupied Territories. He will become Jewish, Israeli, French and Tunisian all at once ? a human Tower of Babel. Yet he will never forget his real mother who stayed in the camp. Secretly and obstinately, he dreams of finding her again...

Va, vis et deviens
Europa Cinemas Label

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Netherlands 2006/09/21 Va, vis et deviens
Germany 2006/04/06 Geh und lebe
Portugal 2006/02/16 Vai e Vive
United Kingdom 2005/12/30 Live And Become
Spain 2005/12/23 Vete y vive
Austria 2005/12/02
Italy 2005/11/04 Vai e vivrai
Belgium 2005/04/13 Va, vis et deviens
France 2005/03/30 Va, vis et deviens
Switzerland 2005/03/30 va vis et deviens
Europe Va, vis et deviens
Hungary Élj és boldogulj!
Denmark Gå og bliv den du er
Finland Mene, näe, elä

Circulation of the film in the network until 2022

298 Number of cinemas
21 Number of countries

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