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Zkouška umění

Director : Tomáš Bojar, Adéla Komrzý
Production year : 2022
Nationality : Czech Republic
Zkouška umění

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Edit Csenki - Otthon Mozi


I really enjoyed watching the movie ART TALENT SHOW. It is an honest and charming documentary about the admission procedure of the Prague Academy of Arts. The film portrays students’ live at university and their attempts to succeed. The observational movie is entertaining, but conveys multiple perspectives on deep thoughts at the same time. Taste and interests of teachers come to the surface and in their conversations with students, youngsters would open up and express their thoughts about whether art has ethical boundaries, what they are passionate about and what art should aim to represent.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Netherlands 2022/10/12 Art Talent Show
Czech Republic Zkouška umění
United States of America Art Talent Show

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