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Les Magnétiques

Director : Vincent Cardona
Production year : 2021
Nationality : France
Les Magnétiques

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Barbora Kucsa Prágerová - Metro 70


For me personally, the Cannes Film Festival 2021 was extremely challenging in one particular way: seeing so many difficult fates, moving stories, life forces, and also so many personal tragedies in such a short time was simply very exhausting. You live every story to the fullest, many fill you with sadness and despair; they reflect life and today's world is so often not easy to survive. But then there are those films returning faith, hope and power back to your veins. One such piece was MAGNETIC BEATS, a film in which you ride a magnetizing wave of music and together with the hero you find a voice born from deep silence. The voice of neglect, timidity, diffidence. A voice that must first take a deep breath in order to be heard, both in life and on radio waves. MAGNETIC BEATS have burst into the auditorium, broadcasting vibrant 80's atmosphere and have grasped every analogue fan's heart while at the same time remaining a simply good love story. Two brothers, one girl and a radio station, that's all you need to hit the road.

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Austria 2022/10/07 Die Magnetischen
Germany 2022/07/28 Die Magnetischen
Italy 2022/01/01 Les Magnétiques
France 2021/11/17 Les Magnétiques
United Kingdom Magnetic Beats

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