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The Square

Director : Ruben Ostlund
Production year : 2017
Nationality : Sweden
Other country (ies) : Germany, France
The Square

Release Dates

Country Release date Local title
Croatia 2017/12/14 Kvadrat
Greece 2017/12/07 Το Τετράγωνο
Lithuania 2017/12/01 Kvadratas
Denmark 2017/11/23 The Square
Belgium 2017/11/22 The Square
Austria 2017/11/17 The Square
Finland 2017/11/17 The Square
Spain 2017/11/10 The Square
Netherlands 2017/11/09 The Square
Italy 2017/11/09 The square
Bosnia Herzegovina 2017/11/09 Trg
Romania 2017/10/20 Patratul
Germany 2017/10/19 The Square
France 2017/10/18 The Square
Czech Republic 2017/10/12 Čtverec
Slovak Republic 2017/10/12 Čtverec
Hungary 2017/10/05 A négyzet
Latvia 2017/09/23 Kvadrāts
Slovenia 2017/09/20 Kvadrat
Poland 2017/09/15 The Square
Estonia 2017/09/08 Ruut
Sweden The Square

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