La moustache

Director : Emmanuel Carrère

Año de producción : 2005

País : Francia

Otro(s) país(es) : Francia

Reparto : Vincent Lindon, Emmanuelle Devos

Sinopsis : One day, thinking that it will make your wife and friends smile, you shave off the moustache that you have had for the last ten years. No one notices or, even worse, everyone pretends not to notice and your own smile soon fades. Before being wiped off your face. You insist but people tell you that you've never had a moustache. Are you going mad? Are people trying to make you think you are? Or has something in the world's order gone awry at your expense?

País Fecha de estreno Títulos
Dinamarca 23/09/2006 The Moustache
Finlandia Viikset
Francia 06/07/2005 La moustache
Italia 16/06/2006 L'amore sospetto
Suecia 25/12/2005 Mustaschen




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