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The Network - 05/01/2012


Kaurismäki, from LE HAVRE to Seoul, with Europa Cinemas


Le Havre

On 8th December, with the support for distributors within the Outside MEDIA Countries Programme, LE HAVRE by Aki Kaurismäki opened on 8 screens in Seoul, Korea, a country which has previously seen the release of the Finnish director’s LIGHTS IN THE DUSK, THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST and THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL.
Challan, the recently-formed distribution company which acquired the rights for LE HAVRE was formed in early 2010 and is characterised by its determination to defend diversity on the Korean market. As another example of its commitment, Challan is releasing the animated picture, CHICO & RITA, today.
4 of the 8 venues which premiered the film (which did 9000 admissions in 3 weeks) on its national release date are part of the Europa Cinemas International Network. The next cities that plan to screen the film include Pusan, Junju, Kwangju, Daegu and Inchun.
Currently released in 20 countries, Kaurismäki's film is one of the present successes of European cinema.
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