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The Network - 19/05/2013


Europa Cinemas supports the cultural exception


May 19 2013, Cannes: the 300 exhibitors from the Europa Cinemas Network who attended the annual meeting in Cannes today welcomed Ms. Aurélie Filipetti (Minister of Culture and Communication), Ms. Androulla Vassiliou (European Commissioner, Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth) and Ms. Doris Pack (President of Culture and Education Committee, European Parliament).  They led the debate on the issue of strategic leadership and support for European cinema.

The exhibitors from the Network expressed their commitment that cinema, the audiovisual industry and culture be excluded from the free trade agreements being negotiated with the United States.

Nico Simon, an exhibitor operating in Luxembourg as part of the Utopolis Group, was confirmed as the new President of Europa Cinemas.

Nico Simon and Claude-Eric Poiroux, the CEO of Europa Cinemas, announced the results for 2012.  A record 63% market share for European films was achieved across the Network, confirming the major contribution made by Europa Cinemas members to the life of European films, although, alarmingly, overall attendance slipped by 5%. Androulla Vassiliou confirmed the ongoing support from Creative Europe for the Network’s work in programming European films and in attracting the young audience.

This year’s Annual Conference was confirmed for Athens (November 21 to 24). The principal theme of the Conference will be to defend the prime importance of the cinema as the place to enjoy films - the only place where films can be seen in the way in which they were created, and where the communal experience can be felt.


Sign the petition of European Filmmakers: The cultural exception is non-negotiable.