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The Network - 08/11/2016


Europa Cinemas announces 2016 Awards


Celebrating excellence in Independent Exhibition around Europe

Europa Cinemas is proud to announce the winners of its annual Awards for 2016. The Europa Cinemas Awards have been celebrating the excellence of network cinemas since 2002, concentrating on awards for best programming and young audience activities, as well as a prize for the most entrepreneurial figure in the network. The 2016 winners are:

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR: Pedro Borges, Cinema Ideal – Lisbon  (Portugal)

BEST PROGRAMMING:  Kino Europa – Zagreb  (Croatia)

BEST YOUNG AUDIENCE ACTIVITIES: Moviemento and City Kino – Linz  (Austria)


 Claude-Eric POIROUX, General Director, Europa Cinemas:

“The Europa Cinemas Awards are an annual opportunity to salute the exemplary work of network exhibitors and their teams, selected mainly on the objective statistics of their programming but also on an assessment of their dynamism and their ability to innovate in the digital world.

The award for best entrepreneur celebrates the rapid success of the Cinema Ideal in Lisbon, now a major cultural centre in the heart of the city, and the implicit trust that its director, Pedro Borges, placed in the cinema as the first place to discover films. Pedro was certainly well known for his work as an art films distributor, but this opening, in a difficult economic context, is a brave and risk-taking choice and a statement of confidence.

With the award for best programming to Kino Europa in Zagreb, we are pleased to reward a cinema with excellent results. The Kino Europa devotes nearly three-quarters of its screenings to European cinema, and demonstrates undeniable success for a single screen (42,615 admissions for non-national European films). This award comes at the right time to salute the development of Croatian cinemas as well as a cinema exhibitor engaged in professional debates at a European level.

The award for Best Young Audience activities welcomes meanwhile the diversity and richness of the activities developed by the Moviemento and City Kino cinemas in Linz, which through film education programs, festivals and their rich programming of films, demonstrate a strong sense of initiative and welcome nearly 15,000 young viewers per year.”

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