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The Network - 26/11/2012


Europa Cinemas Awards 2012 - Best Young Audience Activities


Wulf Sörgel and Iris Praefke, the exhibitors at Moviemento – a historic cinema in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district – took over management of the cinema in 2007 and focussed their programming in one direction: Young Audiences. Over the years their activities became increasingly diverse and the policy bore fruit: admissions for screenings dedicated to Young Audiences continue to rise (+30% in 2011). Another sign of their success: the special programmes that have been set up – whether school screenings or activities for the youngest viewers – now reach all of Berlin via two partner cinemas, Kant Kino and Central Kino.

Destined for schools, Schulkino Berlin is a catalogue of 70 films put together each year by the exhibitors at Moviemento. The films are classed by age category, and each screening is accompanied by specific pedagogical material. For children aged 3 to 5, Spatzenkino proposes programmes of short films with regular breaks, led by a specialised educator. And with Kinderkino Berlin, screenings take place several times a week and on the weekend for children and their parents, following a calendar distributed throughout the city.

Finally, Iris Praefke underlines her commitment to showing children films in the original version by providing a selection of works in English, French and Spanish. Last year, the initiative Classroom at the cinema was launched: the films are presented by an Anglophone moderator who discusses them with the children. In 2011, only half of the films programmed at Moviemento were in German. A tour de force in bringing cinema to Young Audiences.